Important Information About Your Graduation Date

Add-On NamePlate While you look over our Valedictorian Plaque, please keep in mind that across our country, High School graduation ceremonies are separated by only a few days. Many schools don't know the name of the Valedictorian or Saluatorian until just a few days before graduation. If you wait to place your order, we may not be able to complete your request on time for your ceremony. We recommend that you order now.

These awards are often given without the recipient names. We always leave space to add the name later if desired. If you would like to add the recipient's name after the presentation of the award, select the Add-On nameplate option and email us the name at a later date. The add-on nameplate will come with an adhesive backing so it can be easily attached to the larger plate.

Salutatorian Plaque

Code: 1450
Salutatorian Plaque

Salutatorian Plaque

Code: 1450

Material: Solid Walnut
Width: 9 Inches
Height: 12 Inches
Thickness: 1-1/4 Inches

(Optional) Student Name:

To submit a name later, send your student name by email to [email protected]
Or call us at 806-765-9901 with your students name

Product Details

9" inches wide by 12" inches tall. Congratulate your school's Salutatorian with this extra-thick Black Walnut plaque. This plaque has a White Oak overlay with your school's initials and year in walnut letters and an elegant black-on-brass plate. This will surely be a worthy award for such an accomplished student. Don't know the name of your Salutatorian yet? No problem! After presentation, email or fax us the name of your Salutatorian and we will send you a nameplate that fits inside an engraved border.

*Engraving is as follows and is included in price:
(Student's name)
In Honor of Outstanding Academic Achievement.
(Your School Name)
(Your City, State)